yoga to move
& rest

Regulate your nervous system with this strong yet grounding and calming 60 minute yoga practice.

Hi I'm Rachel...

Join me for yoga classes and events that nourish your body, mind and soul.

In your body get stronger, develop mobility and release unwanted tension. In your mind experience calm, balance and self-awareness. In your soul, discover how to live in alignment with your true Self. Read on to discover what’s on in summer 2021…

What's on Summer 2021

yoga events

Practice in-person at my luscious Slowdown Sunday 'retreats'.

weekly yoga classes

News about in-person and online classes will be announced soon.


Check out my free YouTube yoga videos to practice at home

Slowdown Sunday morning yoga retreats

Would you like time for a luscious long yoga practice? Then check out my upcoming Slowdown Sunday event.

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