Bring your ideal clients into your world with email marketing, a timeless marketing strategy, and one of the best returns on investment you have at your disposal.

Hi, I'm Rachel Young - Email Copywriter for Coaches & Service Providers who value authenticity and connection as much as making money.

"Doing a lead magnet audit and now the newsletter is a massive win for me, I feel like that is success because I wanted to get that off the ground and have that active and running and contributing."

Career Change Coach

With my done-for-you email copywriting packages, you get:

Everything you need to attract and nurture your ideal clients, so they get to know, like, and trust you. All without writing a word of copy yourself.

Want to use email marketing to attract & nurture prospective clients?

What you need is a landing page with the right messaging that sells your lead magnet ‘freebie’ to your ideal subscribers.

Followed by a welcoming email sequence to create and nurture relationships with each new person, so they want to keep hanging out in your emails, and get to know you, and what you offer. I will write your landing page and sequence for you.

Special launch price
Buy this package by 30 March 2024 and pay only £450 for a 6-email welcome sequence and a landing page, tailored to your brand and messaging, written in your voice.

Price will increase from 1 April.

Want to send emails every week that build trust and connection with your subscribers, making it easier to gain new clients - without writing the emails yourself?
Have you got high-value content like blog articles, podcast episodes, YouTube videos, live stream videos, or educational material?

I will create a strategy to repurpose these into a 12-email sequence that establishes or cements your expertise and thought leadership in the minds of your subscribers. You can use these as a strategic sequence or as your newsletter. 

Special launch price
Buy this package by 30 March 2024 and pay only £600. 

Price will increase from 1 April.

Onboarding and offboarding emails don't need to be purely transactional. Give your clients the warm fuzzies and a sense of belonging in your community while providing all the info they need when starting and finishing their time with your service.

Special launch price
Buy this package by 30 March 2024 and pay only £300 for 6 emails. 

Price will increase from 1 April.