Consistently send an email newsletter your audience loves to read - without writing it yourself!

I write weekly newsletters that your subscribers can’t wait to open — so you spend more time on money-making activities like creating new offers, engaging with your paid community, or working with clients.

You know that sending a consistent and engaging email newsletter is no longer a “nice to have” — it’s essential if you want to nurture your audience into clients or customers.

But when you sit down to write, you feel weighed down and annoyed by having to do this thing, every week.

  • You’ve considered persevering doing it all on your own, but as soon as you open the blank page, you get distracted by all the other tasks on your plate.

  • You waste hours every month just trying to come up with ideas and writing. Then there’s editing, formatting and scheduling.
  • You know how important consistent email is for nurturing and engaging your audience — but newsletters aren’t exactly your thing.
  • And you just want to stop wasting your time trying to do it yourself.

Imagine a reality where this problem just… disappeared.

I write weekly email newsletters that help you nurture and engage your subscribers into becoming prospective paying clients or customers.

Because when your newsletter is completely taken off your plate from start-to-finish, you get more brain space and time in your calendar for money-making and email list growth activities.

Like… creating new offers and paid content, planning launches, sending sales emails, interacting with your paid community. Doing guest podcast interviews, speaking opps, and new collaborations.

Well this is all possible when, finally, you’re sending a consistent email newsletter that you love, which sounds like you – without writing it yourself!

Average email open rates, across industries, are 34%.

My average open rate is 40% +

You don’t want any old content writer. You’re looking for someone who can...

  • Take your weekly newsletter completely off your to-do list. Yes the whole thing!
  • Work with you on the strategy elements of your newsletter, in addition to the writing and management of it.  
  • Easily capture your voice using my tried and trusted ‘prompt’ question method.
  • Finally make you feel excited about sending a newsletter!

And that’s exactly my specialty.

Hi I'm Rachel

As a kid, I discovered a natural talent for writing and bringing ideas to life. I never knew that I’d be able to turn it into a thriving business.

After 15 years in corporate marketing and communications roles, working with online business owners, and running my own wellbeing business, I soon learned that my real superpower was writing emails that people want to read all while building that know/like/trust factor!

Today, I write engaging and consistent email for online business owners that sounds like them so they’re free to concentrate on doing what they’re good at.

My completely done-for-you Email Newsletter package includes everything you need to send a consistent, highly engaging weekly email your subscribers look forward to reading.

Do you already have email marketing set up?


If your email marketing is set-up legally, operating effectively, and using ethical marketing consent, then you’re ready for my Email Newsletter Writing + Management package.



Before hiring me to write and manage your newsletter, you’ll need an email provider, and have a legally compliant, operational set-up, using ethical marketing consents. 

I recommend that you use a lead magnet to attract email subscribers. Unless your newsletter is your business model or a paid offer.

Confused about email? I offer Power Hour marketing sessions for £57.

Get in touch if you’d like advice or a sounding board about your email situation.

Email Newsletter Writing + Management

Choose this package if you want your newsletter completely taken off your plate.

I write and manage your weekly email newsletter to help you nurture connections and build trust with your email audience so that they want to hear from you every week.

Don’t like traditional newsletters? No problem. I’ll create something that’s uniquely you.

Like a traditional newsletter? You got it!

What’s included:

  • 60 minute kick-off call to:
    1. brief me on your business, audience, brand, and subject-matter
    2. talk through the process of how we’ll work together
  • 60 minute strategy call to:
    1. define or refresh the purpose of your newsletter
    2. clarify how your newsletter will bring value to your subscribers
    3. select content pillars that you want to be known for
    4. determine the style of your newsletter
  • Weave your launches and promotions into your newletter by planning ahead using my newsletter planner.
  • Receive weekly ‘prompt’ questions from me to effortlessly and quickly record your thoughts by audio voice note every week. Which I turn into engaging newsletter copy.
  • Weekly newsletter copy that I meticulously edit and format in your preferred email platform, then schedule, publish, and track open rates, click-through rates, and engagement.

  • Up to three reviews per newsletter, including final sign-off.
  • Monthly up to 60-minute strategy & check-in call.

  • Chat message check-ins when required.

  • Monthly reporting on newsletter performance.

The investment: £597 per month

Optional: branded header and footer designed (in Canva) £97.

How it works

  • Step 1: book a free discovery call to check we’re a good fit .
  • Step 2: sign a working agreement and pay the first month’s fee.
  • Step 3: collate all the info needed for our first kick-off and strategy calls.
  • Step 4: kick-off call: your business, audience, brand, subject-matter, email provider, working together.
  • Step 5: strategy call: newsletter purpose, value, content pillars, style.
  • Step 6: you give me access to your email provider.
  • Step 7: I send you content question ‘prompts’ each week.
  • Step 8: you answer by audio/voice note + I turn your thoughts into engaging newsletter copy.
  • Step 9: we have a monthly call to review newsletter performance + look at the month ahead.
  • Step 10: your subscribers get an engaging email they want to open, every week!

Doing a lead magnet audit and now the newsletter is a massive win for me, I feel like that is success because I wanted to get that off the ground and have that active and running and contributing.

Career Change Coach

We're an ideal fit if...

  • You’re an online business owner who likes to build authentic connections with your audience.

  • You care about being smart, organised, communicative, and kind in your business relationships.

  • Your business and offers are established and you undertand your ideal clients or customers well.
  • You want a newsletter that sounds like you without the hustle of writing it yourself.
  • You want an email newsletter that makes you feel excited to send every week.

  • You’re ready to fully hand over your newsletter writing and management to a pro.



  • Each week I send you ‘prompt’ questions to effortlessly and quickly capture your thoughts by audio voice note. 
  • These ‘prompts’ are based on the newsletter strategy.
  • Doing this means I capture your exact turns of phrase, pace, and tone, combined with your thoughts, ideas and perspective. 
  • Plus! I also take the time to read your other content!
  • Remember you’ll always review and feedback my work, so I can fine-tune it if required.
  • It’s normal for this process to be refined over the first few weeks and then it becomes second-nature.
  • I recommend both.
  • A lead magnet attracts people onto the next step of the buyer journey for a specific offer.
  • Your subscriber receives a welcome or nurture nurture sequence when they opt-in.
  • They start to receive your newsletter once the sequence is complete.

New to all this? Confused?

You’re welcome to book a Power Hour call with me for £57.

We’ll talk through your dilemmas and come up with next steps for you.

Send me a message and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

Yes, absolutely. Send me a message now and let’s talk.

You already know that email marketing plays a big part in growing your business. But if you don’t have time to do it yourself, and you have the budget to outsource. Then now is a good time to work with me. 

We can get started as soon as you’re ready. Let’s arrange a time to talk.

  • At the start, we’ll have a 90 minute strategy call.
  • Then, expect to put aside around 60 minutes every month for a strategy call.
  • On a weekly basis, put aside around 15-20 minutes to answer my question ‘prompts’ by audio voice note. And to review and feedback the newsletter before sign-off.
  • Every now and then we’ll exchange chat messages if required.

I take care of the rest.

There’s a minimum period of three calendar months commitment for the Email Newsletter Writing + Management package.

After two calendar months, you’re able to give 30 days’ notice if you decide to end the arrangement.  

If you don’t have an email service provider yet, this will be a few £s a month. Price depends on which provider you opt for. Everything else I take care of.

For Newsletter Set-Up there’s a 50% upfront payment, and the remaining 50% payment is due within 3 working days of completion.

The Email Newsletter Writing + Management package requires monthly payment in advance.

Not ready for done-for-you services?

I offer Power Hour sessions for £57.

Send me a message and tell me what’s on your mind.

You’re welcome to send me a message here.