At home mini yoga retreat

Are you looking after yourself?

The reason I’m asking is that many people who come to my yoga classes arrive with a very busy mind.

They’re tired (sometimes exhausted). 

And usually haven’t stopped for days.

That’s because we live in an always-on culture:

Constant demands from work, home-life, and the pressures of what we think we ‘should’ be doing.

Most of the time, we don’t even realise how conditioned we are to keep pushing on. 

This could be causing your nervous system to be chronically stressed.

Some symptoms of ongoing stress might be:

-difficulty falling asleep

-waking up in the night worrying

-reacting emotionally

-feeling overwhelmed

-easily irritated or angered

-always in your head thinking

-aches and stiffness that seem to have no cause

How I can help

If you’re feeling this way, join me and my yoga teacher friend, Camilla – we’re creating an at-home, yoga retreat, online – to help you deeply rest and relax.

Ideal if you’re:

+ not stressed but find it hard to relax 

+ not burned out but feel stressed 

+ teetering on the edge of burn out 

What we're offering

Starting with a centering practice to help you feel settled,

we’ll then guide you through a moderately dynamic yoga sequence,

then move into restorative postures,

followed by use of subtle techniques, Pranayama and Meditation, to guide you into stillness,

finishing in a luscious Savasana.

Plus, we’ll offer guidance on how to bring more relaxation into your daily life, if you struggle with this.

Who it's for

If you spend most of your time being busy, and often feel stressed or overwhelmed, then this retreat is perfect for you.

The sequence we’re planning will ‘coach’ your body and mind to release and slow down over the course of the morning – into deep rest and relaxation.

Why join this retreat

Both Camilla and I believe that rest and relaxation are essential if you want to function well in your life.

We’re both do-ers and creators so we understand the always-on mindset and the need for balance.

If you want to

+ achieve your desires and goals 

+ be present for your loved ones

+ feel calm and relaxed

then slowing down and giving yourself space to ‘be’, is essential.

We hope this mini-retreat could be perfect for you if you’re always on the go, doing, doing and find it hard to relax.

When it's happening

It’s happening on Sunday October 31st, 9.30am-12.30pm UK time, online.

Price and booking

Earlybird price is £30, available until midnight Sun 10 Oct.

Then the price is £39.

We’d love to welcome you in.