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Develop your yoga practice and get into a healthy habit by joining me for weekly classes, online and in-person. Below are descriptions of the two weekly class types I offer. Plus, I offer a monthly, luscious 2.5hr practice called  Slowdown Sundays.

Class types

Hatha Yoga Basics

In this class you’ll practice the ‘basic’ Hatha Yoga postures, with lots of alignment instructions and guidance. You’ll also discover how to breathe in a way that’s good for your wellbeing. 

The pace is slow but is still physical. You’ll be supported to explore your ability at your own pace, and in a non-judgemental way. This class is ideal if you’re a beginner, or if you want a refresh of the basics, or if you enjoy a slower pace. 


Dynamic Hatha Flow

If you’re ready to expand your practice this class is for you. You’ll continue to refine your alignment while moving through a sequential flow of postures that builds to a peak, then cools down towards rest. Each month is based on a theme, and you’ll practice the same sequence (more or less) for four weeks to give you opportunity to develop. 

People who take this class tend to enjoy a stronger practice, but are still discovering and learning. You’ll be offered challenge if you want it, or supported to be gentler if you need to.

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All classes are booked online in advance, no unbooked drop-ins.

Cash payment is not accepted in class. All payments are made online when you book. I use Stripe for online bookings which is a secure payment processor.

Yes please bring your own yoga mat and any props if you have them such as as blocks, bricks, straps and a blanket.

Class sizes are small to allow for social distancing.

Currently there is social distancing. Over the coming weeks/months social distancing will be reduced but at the moment there’s plenty of space.

Click the cancel/reschedule link in your class booking confirmation email. You can cancel up to 2 hours before class starts without losing class credit.

Yes you’re welcome to. Yoga isn’t about flexibility but if you practice regularly you’ll increase your body’s range of movement.

Yes. Yoga is for men and women. Men sometimes think yoga is for women or that it’s easy. Try a class and experience the challenge for yourself.

Yoga is for any person of any age. If you’re concerned about your mobility or fitness try the foundations of hatha yoga class first. 

I recommend you join a pre-natal yoga class unless you have many years experience of yoga. Even so, you’ll still need to join a pre-natal class at some point. Please tell me if you’re pregnant so I can give you alternatives for some postures.

To exercise you’ll need to be at least 6 months since giving birth. Please also make sure you’re doctor has signed you off to exercise.

If you’re recovering from an injury please consult your physical therapist before doing yoga. I don’t advise on injury rehabilitation. If yoga has been advised, please message me before class with info about your injury.

Yes I offer private classes. These include:

> Online one-to-ones anywhere in the world.
> In-person private groups and one-to-ones in Sussex.

I also supply other high calibre private yoga teachers in Sussex, Surrey and London.

Please get in touch to enquire.

Try your first class for £5