I take essential but time-consuming content & email marketing tasks off your plate

— so you can spend less time overwhelmed by your to-do list and more time creating offers, engaging with your community, or working with clients.

You know that you need to drive forward your marketing activity, so that you can grow your business.

But whenever you try to do ALL the marketing things you feel weighed down, overwhelmed, and trapped.

There’s a lot on your plate and you can’t do it all yourself.

  • You know doing more marketing would increase your leads. But you can’t invent time from nowhere.
  • And you don’t want to sacrifice client work, your paid community, or sales-generating activities in order to do that.
  • The thing is, you bounce from task to task and marketing projects sit on your to-do list for months.
  • You’ve tried doing it all yourself but it took too much time and you weren’t doing it properly.
  • You think that because you don’t have time, you’ll never scale your business the way you want to.
  • And you’ve started to dread the long to-do list every morning.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Imagine if you could…

  • Be assured that you have someone driving marketing forward for you.
  • Have an experienced marketing pro in your business to talk strategy and ideas.
  • Take time-consuming marketing tasks completely off your plate.
  • Wake up every morning feeling focused and productive.
  • Have more time for speaking opps and podcast interviews, creating new offers, and focusing on launches and sales.
  • Be able to fully focus on giving your clients and paid community the attention they deserve.

My virtual marketing assistant services can make that dream a reality.

Here’s my promise to you, as your content + email marketing virtual assistant.

  • My virtual marketing support is guided by 15 years experience in corporate marketing and communications roles, supporting online business owners with their digital marketing, and marketing my own business.

  • I’m one of the few digital marketing assistants who understand copywriting, marketing, and sales funnel thinking. A triple threat to help you move forward with your projects.

  • I specialise in working alongside you collaboratively, doing the thinking with you. Helping you to make decisions and get hyper-focused on choosing your marketing priorities.
Having Rachel onboard feels like very much a safe pair of hands. I have absolute confidence that she’s on it and that actually she’s driving things forward for me and with me.”
Paul Talbot
Career Change Coach

Here's how it works

  • Step 1: book a free discovery call to check we’re a good fit.
  • Step 2: sign a working agreement and pay for the first month.
  • Step 3: collate all the info needed for our kick-off call. I can  brief you on this if needed.
  • Step 4: you set me up on your systems and onboard me into your business and brand.
  • Step 5: I start planning and then delivering on the first tasks or project. 
  • Step 6: we have a check-in at the same time each week to discuss tasks and talk through ideas and priorities.
  • Step 7: you get consistent marketing output every month that grows your business.
  • Step 8: you feel supported to enjoy your business and move towards your goals.

Marketing Support - 20 hours per month

With my monthly support, I take marketing tasks completely off your plate, so that you have more time for your clients, community, and money-making activities.

These are some of the tasks or projects you can delegate to me every month:

  • Emails – proofreading, editing, formatting, scheduling (also see my  done-for-you weekly newsletter package).
  • Branded templates – email newsletter, social media graphics (Canva).
  • Blog articles – proofreading, editing, formatting, page publishing.
  • Social media support – graphics creation, image selection, proofreading, editing, formatting, scheduling.
  • PR – research, pitching and coordination for podcasts, speaking, + guest blogging opportunities.
  • Adhoc repurposing of long form audio and video content into blog articles, social posts, and emails.
  • Lead magnet creation – design (in Canva) and copy.
  • Buyer journey and sales funnel thinking and planning – done with you.
  • Managing the sourcing, hiring and briefing of freelancers e.g. copywriter, web designer, photographer.

The investment: £800 per month (no V.A.T)

20 hours per month.

Currently booking for October 2023.

Monthly Content Repurposing

These days, getting more visible on more platforms is harder than ever. That’s where my content repurposing expertise comes in.

I repurpose weekly YouTube videos, podcast episodes, or Facebook Live presentations into evergreen blog articles, engaging social media content and high value email newsletters.

So you can get known on more platforms – without creating new content!

The investment: starts at £497 per month (no V.A.T)

Currently booking for October 2023.


  • For content repurposing, you’ve already created content in your words and voice, so I’m easily able to capture your exact turns of phrase, pace, and tone, combined with your thoughts, ideas and perspective.
  • Then, using my writing and editing skills, I transform your words and message into a new format.
  • Plus! I always take the time to meticulously read or listen to your content!
  • Remember you’ll always review and feedback my work, so I can fine-tune it if required.
  • It’s normal for this process to be refined over the first few weeks and then it becomes second-nature.

I offer a completely done-for-you email newsletter service – one of your weekly marketing must-have’s.

  • Writing original social media content and blog articles isn’t part of the monthly marketing support package. 
  • However, I offer a content repurposing service: I repurpose your weekly YouTube videos, podcast episodes, or Facebook Live presentations into evergreen blog articles, engaging social media content and high value email newsletters.
  • Repurposing is perfect for getting across more platforms and increasing your brand visibility – without creating new content.

If you’re interested in repurposing your long form content, let’s talk.

If it’s marketing there’s a good chance I can. Send me a message and let me me know what you’re looking for support with.

You already know that you’re overwhelmed and continuing the way you’ve been going isn’t sustainable. Especially if you’re planning to scale or grow your business. So if you have the budget to outsource, and the time and desire to onboard me into your business. Then now is a good time 🙂 

We can get started as soon as you’re ready. Let’s arrange a time to talk.

  • For monthly marketing support – I recommend a 60 minute kick-off call, followed by deep dives, when required, on subject matter expertise and audience insights. You’ll also need time to set me up and onboard me on to your systems. On a weekly basis, I recommend 30-60 minute check-in calls and to be available for chat messaging.
  • For monthly content repurposing – at the start, I recommend up to three, 45 minute deep dives into your business, covering audience insights, brand messaging, subject-matter expertise, and your content strategy. Following this, we have a monthly 60 minute strategy call and chat messaging, when required.
  • There’s a minimum period of three calendar months commitment. After two calendar months, you’re able to give 30 days’ notice if you decide to end the arrangement.  
  • I work with a handful of clients on a retainer basis each month. My maximum hours per client, per month is 24. If you would like 24 hours (or 20) let’s talk.
  • No deposit is required, but payment is made monthly in advance.

Not ready for done-for-you services?

I offer Power Hour marketing sessions for £57.

Send me a message and tell me what’s on your mind.

You’re welcome to send me a message here.