Private Yoga Classes

In-person and Online

Private yoga is perfect when you want 1-to1 attention.

If groups make you self-conscious, or you have a health condition, or you simply enjoy the personalised approach of a one-to-one, private yoga is the best option for you.

Plus, when you have a demanding schedule, a busy family life, or travel for work, then taking hours from your day to attend a public yoga class can add unwanted pressure.

In private one-to-one yoga classes,  I tailor the whole experience to your:


And if your goal is to get into a regular yoga habit, then I can help you do this.

Online and in-person

I teach online (UK time) and in-person in Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas in Sussex.

Why one-to-one is so good

The lovely thing about one-to-one yoga is that it’s in your own space.

You can relax.

There’s no hassle of packing a bag, driving through traffic, or dealing with other people.

No need to think about what to wear. And you won’t feel intimidated or the pressure to keep up.

On top of this, because I offer one-to-ones online too, you can be anywhere in the world  – on holiday, in any of your homes, or on a business trip.

So no matter where you are, you’ll build up a routine that helps you feel mentally, physically, and spiritually balanced.

Supporting you to get better at handling life, and work, with grace and calm.

In yoga one-to-ones I'll help you:

Personal yoga sessions are also wonderful if you’re on a healing journey and have discovered the powerful effects already. 

Or if you’ve been recommended yoga as part of healing or self-care. 

Private yoga is personalised to you

When you practice with me one-to-one I’ll tailor the classes to you.

For example, if you have a physical or mental health condition, I’ll do my research to ensure the yoga is designed for your specific needs and goals. 

Or if you’re on a personal healing journey, I’ll offer techniques and practices that support and nourish you.

This is the beauty of personal yoga lessons, because it’s designed for you. Not anyone else.

Also, every person is different which means I’ll draw upon my knowledge and experience to design a practice that may offer you any of these practices:

I may introduce other techniques too, if I think you’ll enjoy them or benefit from them.

What my clients say about one-to-ones

"My back yesterday after our lesson felt straight and strong. I just wish I could work with you every day, I would end up 5 cm taller."

Jonathan - in-person client

“Since working with Rachel after my hernia operation, which was affecting my auto-immune condition, my body is healing, I feel stronger physically and mentally! Rachel has enabled me to re-centre and start to feel balanced again!”

Russell - online client

"Rachel puts all her energy and attention into your body to make sure you are at your best and she works with great integrity up to the last minute. She has the perfect balance between encouraging and connecting."

Dima - in-person client

About my experience

* Experienced teacher, with  6 years teaching one-to-one, private groups and public classes.
* Qualified and insured with more than 600 hours of Yoga Alliance teacher training and continuing professional development.
*  Styles of postural yoga offered are Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Restorative.
* Specialised in Asana and the subtle practices of Pranayama and Meditation.
* Compassionate listener, clear communicator, special interest in yoga to support personal healing.

Is private yoga right for you?

Working one-to-one is ideal if:

– You want to feel the positive effects of practicing regularly.
– You enjoy the personalised attention of working one-to-one.
-You value the convenience or luxury of practicing in your own private space, online or in-person.

How it works

Let's talk about what you're looking for...